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The primary advantage for clients who select a retained approach is that they know the position will be filled with the very best available candidate within a specified period of time. Pivotal Partners guarantees its Dedicated Search process with retained searches. We provide dedicated resource that screens the talent pool, contacts every potentially qualified candidate to discuss the opportunity, interviews them and then determines the best job and culture fit. We present top candidates and prepare an overview report on each finalist, detailing career histories and adding our own assessment of the candidate's suitability for the position.

This service has the benefit of locking Pivotal Partners and its client in together. Because the client commits itself to Pivotal Partners, it enables us to commit greater resources to the engagement. This approach saves clients’ time as they avoid having to work through poorly screened candidates and potentially having to manage multiple recruiting partners.

Retained Searches are often preferred for more senior, confidential, and mission-critical positions.


The primary benefit for of the contingency approach is that clients are not charged any fee until a placement is made. This approach is often used for mid-level positions and when the client is not concerned with managing multiple relationships. (Under certain circumstances, Pivotal Partners will ask for an exclusive agreement in contingency searches).

We conduct in-depth interviews with qualified candidates to evaluate their motivation, qualifications, level of interest, and compatibility with its client organization.

Contingency engagements are more common where speed is the most critical factor or when the client is interested in working the search along-side Pivotal Partners.


Pivotal Partners offers this service to help meet dynamic business demands that might not justify permanent placements. These assignments can be for interim C-level roles, sales directors and other highly skilled professionals to augment existing teams. This service may be used during a hiring freeze.

Once a person is accepted by the client, we (via MRI) pay their wages and are responsible for withholding and remitting all income, social security, paying workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and the employer’s share of social security taxes on their behalf (decreasing client liability).

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