Candidate Services

Candidate Services

We realize professionals looking to change careers affects almost every aspect of their lives – so we are passionate about understanding their skills, successes, and career goals. Because we are specialists who have extensive, relevant work experience, we are able to help connect candidates with the leading companies in the industry.

We help candidates with career planning, industry insights, resume tips, interview guidance, and advice on how to resign gracefully. We are committed to treating all candidates professionally and with guaranteed privacy. Our goal is put candidates in the best position to achieve success.

Career Transition

Executives exploring a career change should email us for an initial complimentary consultation. Executives are encouraged to create a strategic, focused campaign that accesses “non-publicized jobs”. Pivotal Partners encourages executives to create achievement-based resumes and can help with interview preparation and job negotiation.

Open Positions

Search jobs to view examples of our current openings.

Resume Submission

Please note that Pivotal Partners does not list all open positions. Resumes should be submitted (in Microsoft Word or PDF) through a link associated with a specific position where applicable. Resumes not associated with a specific opening can be submitted in accordance with our resume policy.

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