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The Pivotal Partners Group is a leading executive search firm focused on companies that enable digital transformation and some of the most disruptive technology companies of our era. These companies leverage software, cloud and services to drive change in a variety of ways (including artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital marketing, big data, digital content, analytics, market risk, cloud, and cyber security).

Our focus is on the most critical positions in an organization, specializing in customer facing roles – sales, marketing, customer success, and professional services.

Our clients realize that their results are often based on a relatively small number of high impact people. They outperform the market because they attract and hold on to these critical employees.

We understand fast moving and innovative businesses and excel at identifying, recruiting, and presenting the best qualified candidates in the market. This talent is often hard to find and difficult to recruit, but it is this exact group of high impact individuals that Pivotal Partners delivers to its clients sources on behalf of its clients.

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